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Arjan van der Horst


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      • My dear friend...
        reactie 26   |   niet OK

        I will miss you so much.
        Thank you for the time we had. It was not enough...
        I wish I could show you around in Vienna, as you did in Amsterdam.
        I wish we could have a coffee and chat.
        I wish I could shoot the streets with you.
        I wish you were here.
        I will miss you so much.

        Christine - Vienna
        10 februari 2016

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      • You will be missed dear Arjan
        reactie 25   |   niet OK

        Arjan, you were one of my early iPhoneography friends. We came from similar creative backgrounds and it was a pleasure interacting with you and following your journey in photographs. Thank you for being so kind - it was really wonderful to see Amsterdam through your eyes and visit places that were off the beaten track. I shall always remember our walk through the city at sunrise. I only wish that David and I could have returned the favour and walked you around our cities (Hong Kong and London). Rest in peace my dear friend.

        "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."
        Richard Bach, Illusions

        Cara - Hong Kong
        10 februari 2016

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      • Amsterdam, December 2014
        reactie 24   |   niet OK

        Cindy - Lynnwood
        10 februari 2016

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      • One of the lucky ones
        reactie 23   |   niet OK
        Arjan - I feel so grateful to have met you in person, even though as many others say - I felt I knew you long before we actually met. I had hoped for maybe a coffee and an hour or two of shooting with you in Amsterdam. It became clear to me that your hospitality would not allow such a simple meeting when you surprised me at the train station the moment I stepped off with my kids. Two full days with you and your big heart - indeed, I am one of the lucky ones. I so enjoyed your company - in person and from afar before and after we met. You possessed such good insight in photography, but more importantly, in humanity. Your amazing images were simply a window into what was deeper in your soul. I've never talked so easily with someone I just met. Thank you again for your kindness, humor and generous spirit. I will forever feel at home in Amsterdam because of you, and my kids the same. Love to you and your family, Cindy

        Cindy - Lynnwood
        10 februari 2016

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      • Always in my heart
        reactie 22   |   niet OK

        Arjan is one of my favorite street photographers. I am so glad we came to know each other in cyber space. He always had kind encouraging words for me and I had high hopes of going to Amsterdam to meet him in person.

        My dear friend, your smile and kindness will forever remain in my heart. I will always look at your amazing photographs and send you love.

        Sweet dreams, dear Arjan.

        with love,
        Armineh Hovanesian

        Armineh - Armineh
        9 februari 2016

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      • Voor altijd in mijn hart
        reactie 21   |   niet OK

        Lieve Arjan,
        Na wat twijfel heb ik deze zeefdruk toch nog maar afgemaakt.
        Het was bedoeld als herinnering aan de keer dat je plotseling besloot naar Brussel te komen...
        Je had geen idee van de stad, je had geen plan, niet in de vorm van een plattegrond en ook niet in de vorm wat je ging doen, je zei: ik vertrouw je blind... en ik sleepte je door de Marollen, over de Marché aux Puces, maar ver kwamen we niet. De winkeltjes,de terrasjes, de volkse sfeer, het mooie weer...
        En ergens kwamen we deze jongen tegen ....En zo herinner ik me die dag, with Brussel's love en de arty farty kitschy sfeer.
        Ik weet dat hij je vrolijk zou maken en ook dat je nog precies zou weten waar hij hing.

        Zoveel goede chemie tussen ons, even zoveel obstakels... Toch zagen we 2016 als een jaar waar veel mogelijk ging zijn. We dachten dat we tijd hadden....

        Ik hoop dat je me hoort als ik tegen de wind zeg dat ik je lief vind, dat ik me zo goed voel bij jou en als ik tegen de regen zeg dat ik je zo graag nog eens vast zou houden...
        Lieverd het ga je goed x

        Paula - Dilbeek
        9 februari 2016

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      • All too brief!
        reactie 20   |   niet OK

        Dear Arjan,
        Our friendship was so brief! After seeing Cindy Buske's images with you in Amsterdam, i thought you would be a great person to meet and requested your friendship. Through the messages we exchanged, I understood right away why so many friends liked you; your grace and warmth were so genuine and indelible. I am truly sad for not having met you in person, but I'd like you to know you made such a positive impression on me!
        May you find wonderful new things to observe and photograph out there!
        My deepest condolences to your family for this huge loss!

        Lilian - Arizona
        8 februari 2016

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      • Amazing Ninja....
        reactie 19   |   niet OK

        I once called you Ninja because of your amazing ability to get the shot. You liked that, and the name stuck! In my heart and mind, you will forever remain that sweet and funny Ninja, traversing the streets in your signature Ninja sneaks, catching people unawares with your skillfull Ninja style, and all to create beautiful images to share with the rest of the world.
        Farewell dear Ninja, you will be missed!
        Sending love to you, and to your family.

        Ilana - New York City
        8 februari 2016

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      • reactie 18
        Marion  SChmida

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        Marion - Amsterdam

        8 februari 2016

      • dear friend...
        reactie 17   |   niet OK

        it is said that if a person live in the hearts of those he leaves behind he will never die.
        you will live in my memory and heart.
        may your missions be accomplished.
        donna donato

        donna - paris, france
        8 februari 2016

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