Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Özhan Coskun

      The Executive Board, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Automotive Systems Design group(ASD) of Eindhoven University of Technology were greatly dismayed to learn of the death of our colleague Özhan (H.O.) Coskun. During the night of 27 to 28 February, he died as a result of an fatal accident in an apartment block in the Cederlaan of Eindhoven. Police investigations confirmed this.

      Özhan took a post-Master's degree (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) at the ASD group and was considered a very talented young man who was greatly valued by his colleagues and management of the education because of his positive contribution and professional attitude.
      The Executive Board, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the ASD group wishes to extend its deepest sympathy and condolences to all next of kin and colleagues of Özhan Coskun.
      Üniversite idare kurulu, Matematik ve Bilgi Fakültesi ve Otomotiv Sistemleri Tasar?m? (ASD) Grubu, büyük bir ?a?k?nl?k içinde meslekta?lar? Özhan (H.Ö.) Co?kun’un ölüm haberini alm??lard?r. Kendisi, 27 ?ubat cuma gecesi, Eindhoven Cederlaan adresinde bulunan bir apartmanda, talihsiz bir kaza sonucu hayat?n? kaybetmi?tir. Polis taraf?ndan yap?lan bir ara?t?rma bunu do?rulam??t?r.

      Özhan, Otomotiv Sistemleri Tasar?m? (ASD) Grubu’nda, master sonras? e?itim kapsam?nda stajerlik yapan çok yetenekli bir gençti. Mesai arkada?lar? ve departman idaresi taraf?ndan olumlu katk? ve profesyonel tutumundan dolay? takdir edilirdi. Üniversite idare kurulu, Matematik ve Bilgi Fakültesi ve Otomotiv Sistemleri Tasar?m? (ASD) Grubu, Özhan Co?kun’un ailesine, yak?nlar?na ve mesai arkada?lar?na ba?sa?l??? diler.

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
        reactie 20   |   niet OK
        I recognised Özhan as a bright, social and humorous young man. He may be remembered with pride, as a good son, friend and candidate.

        Jaap - Nuenen
        9 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        Persoonlijke reactie...
        reactie 19   |   niet OK
        Too young, too soon and so smart,
        Oz, you will be forever in all our hearts.

        You should have gone home with a degree,
        happy family and friends, it was not to be.

        You have left an empty space,
        after such a tragic accident has taken place.

        We will miss you!
        That you may rest in peace.
        Rust in vrede.

        My deepest sympathy to all family and friends.

        Jeroen Redegeld
        PDEng trainee Software Technology (generation 2014)

        Jeroen - Eindhoven
        5 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        Basiniz sa?olsun
        reactie 18   |   niet OK
        Such a loss...my feelings of deep sorrow go out to Oz family,
        friends and colleagues. I will remember Oz as a helpfull and intelligent student. (Dutch language)
        Basiniz sa?olsun

        Monique Basten

        Monique - Eindhoven
        3 maart 2015

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      • My condolences....
        reactie 17   |   niet OK
        I would like to extend my condolences and sympathy to Özhan's family and friends. Many people at TU/e are with you in thoughts in these difficult days.
        For the time ahead I wish that the beautiful memories you have of him will be a lasting source of consolation for you.

        Willem van Hoorn
        Policy adviser internationalization @TU/e

        Willem - Eindhoven
        3 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        My Condolences
        reactie 16   |   niet OK
        It is unbelievably terrifying to know that it will not be possible to see again, your smiling face along with the endless joy you had always. Even though my heart is still not convinced that you are gone, the sorrow I feel is indescribable. Yet, I am only one of the many that feel the same way.
        You've inspired and fascinated countless people from all around the world. Ozhan, we will surely miss the presence of a truly loveable and kind person as you are.
        Kardesim seni oyle ozleyecegiz ki. Bundan sonra subat?n her sogugu yureklerimizi usutecek. Her gelevera deresi sark?s?n? duydugumuzda seslerimiz titreyecek. Oyle izler b?rakt?n ki nicelerinde, silinmeyecek.

        Nurlar icinde yat kardesim.

        Hakan BOZ

        Hakan - Istanbul
        2 maart 2015

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      • The man who came and change my whole life
        reactie 15   |   niet OK
        It is hard to believe that I won't see you again. My heart and soul are really broken. Always greeting us with a big smile and telling us to take care. I promise to fulfill your dreams you had. I will always remember you, cause you were the reason to become a better person. And I am sure you are somewhere up there smiling and watching us. I will be your eternal fan of your songs you recorded. Goodbye my friend.

        Ilias Papaliouras
        ASD trainee 2014-16

        Ilias - Eindhoven
        2 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        My condolences
        reactie 14   |   niet OK
        My sincere condolences go out to Özhan's loved ones. A horrible accident has led to an extremely premature death. I can only wish all those close to Özhan a lot of strength to be able to carry the burden of this terrible loss. May he rest in peace.
        Dirk-Jan Mulders
        Senior Educational Policy Adviser TU/e

        Dirk-Jan - 's-Hertogenbosch
        2 maart 2015

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      • reactie 13
        volkan eroglu

        Er is een reactie aan de nabestaanden achtergelaten door:

        volkan - izmir

        2 maart 2015

      • 2015
        Basimiz sagolsun
        reactie 12   |   niet OK
        Although I did not know Özhan personally I want to express my deepest compassion and sympathy to his family, friends and collegeas who have to cope with this immeasurable loss. I wish all of them a lot of strength in these difficult times.

        Inge Adriaans
        STU - International Office

        Inge - Eindhoven
        2 maart 2015

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
        reactie 11   |   niet OK
        My feeelings of deep sorrow go out to Özhan’s family, friends and colleagues.
        Prof. Ward Cottaar

        ward - eindhoven
        2 maart 2015

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