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Nicholas van Gosliga


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      • Foto
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        Alweer 1 jaar geleden,de herrineringen blijven!
        Love you .❤

        sjouk - Zuidhorn
        6 januari 2021

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      • Verjaardag.
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        Vandaag zou je 61 jaar zijn geworden.
        In mijn gedachten ben je nog vaak bij mij en mis ik jou !
        Dag lieve Nick love you! Sjouk

        sjouk - Zuidhorn
        11 augustus 2020

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      • Muziek
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        sjouk - Zuidhorn
        4 mei 2020

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        For the past 30 years I have lived in Canada. During that time my brother Nick, came to visit many times. Those visits often coincided with Christmas and it became a family tradition to have fresh oysters on Christmas Eve. For Christmas 2018 Nick arrived on December 24th & after having a beer, he was put to work shucking oysters. The 2nd photo shows our daughter Heather enjoying Christmas Eve oysters with Peter's dad on Christmas Eve 1998. Peter's dad died a number of years ago and as I think back, I find comfort in thinking of those many Christmas Eves that we sat around the table as a family enjoying oysters.
        The 3rd photo was taken in August 2009, I came to Holland to celebrate Nick's 50th birthday. We spent a few days in Amsterdam with Sjouke. Ten years sure does go by fast.

        Katrina - Toronto, Canada
        15 maart 2020

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      • Foto
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        2010 Amsterdam

        sjouk - Zuidhorn
        27 februari 2020

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      • December 2019 You had my heart at hello ... and forever
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        Dear Nick,

        Do not lose hope
        When the Sun goes down
        The Stars come out.

        Angels watch over you
        Their wings wrap gently around you
        And you are loved.

        At peace, and blessed
        In glory with God forever.

        Love always,
        Patty Lee

        Patty Lee - Canada
        23 februari 2020

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      • Memories of Nick
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        These photos, 1992 to 2003, remind me of how fortunate I am to have been able to get to know Nick during some of his many visits to Canada to see his sister (and my friend) Katrina. I remember his friendliness, easy smile, and funny stories, but also that he had a deep and thoughtful nature. My heart goes out to all who loved him dearly and whose lives he touched. He will be forever missed.

        Carolyn - Mississauga
        22 februari 2020

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      • My good and dear friend Nick
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        I met Nick in May 1978, the garage where he worked was situated behind the furniture store where I was working. From that moment on we were very good friends. Introduced him to my mom, brothers and sisters and Nick felt comfortable being with us. Sometimes he even cooked for all of us, and boy oh boy, could he cook! Mom envied him actually. He also introduced me to the game of chess, we didn't play much in those early years. What we did do was visit Hotel de Jonge where we could be found nearly every Friday and or Saturday evening, drinking beer after beer, smoking and we always had something to talk about, one of those was our love for music. I played guitar back then, I taught him some chords and scales and he quickly picked up on it. We founded our first band named Future Shock, Nick wrote the lyrics, was the vocalist and sometimes played rhythm guitar. But 2 leaders in a band didn't work, too many arguments and disagreements, many times the f word fell, giving our drummer and bass player lots to laugh about. So I left the band in order to salvage our friendship, short while later the rest disbanded as well. Meantime I was married and our evenings out on the Friday or Saturday diminished. He left Holland in 1984 to head back to New Zealand, he promised to write... he never responded to any of my letters. (pigs fly). I thought about him a lot, missed him. But then late 1992 on a quiet Sunday evening the phone rang, "Hi Okke, it's Nick, are you home?" He was living with his mom in Drachten and popped by that same evening. It was as if he never had left, like we picked up on any conversation as if it was like yesterday. I was going through a divorce and in 1994 Nick offered me to move in with him and his brother Martin. We played an awful lot of chess, hundreds of games where he won most of them. In 1995 I got my own place, and nearly every Sunday he was around, often cooked dinner for us and we played chess. Regardless of girlfriends we had in our lives, he would often pop around and cooked some amazing meals. Some of my friends I had also became his friends, some of them being strong chess players with some very tight games with many twists and turns. That went on and on his birthday I invited him to a restaurant of his choice, one to celebrate his birthday and 1 to celebrate our 40 plus years of friendship. But after having eaten maybe 5 or 6 bites of his order he told me that he had cancer. I visited him quite often in the hospital, good thing he loved reading, being bed ridden he would otherwise be bored. So he went to Canada December 2019, where I phoned him on the 31st of December on the WhatsApp. We wished each other the best for the year to come and said to each other, see you soon. That was the last time I spoke to him... and am glad I did.
        You left a large hole in many of our hearts, so many people loved you, for who you were, for what you were, a beloved friend, brother, cousin and uncle.
        Forever in our hearts, Okke Paul Born.

        Okke - Assen
        18 februari 2020

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      • Foto
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        Me and Nick beside my first car, a Sunbeam. Pic was taken somewhere late 1979.

        Okke -
        13 februari 2020

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        Gerard McAleer

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        Gerard - New Zealand

        9 februari 2020

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