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Mirjam Sterman

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      • A true Yogi and kind soul
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        Mirjam has been coming to Yoga Moves for ...well a long time.
        She has been a true friend in our community...and someone who was always interested in learning, exploring, and deepening her experience and knowledge. She travelled through many different phases of yoga, strong and soft, powerful and relaxed. I just looked her visits up in our system and see the following: Total visits: 889 Total hours: 1,254.75 WOW! She started in 2005! But it seemed she really got more into it (at Yoga Moves) in 2011 - and continues up until August of this year.
        She was so beautifully open about what she was going through with her health. I am sorry she was not able to beat this challenge - but perhaps she actually did: with her grace and care and openness. From my perspective, she lived with a quiet kind of grace & strength. I hope she is flying free now...and laughing in the wind. RIP Mirjam. We miss you.
        Your friends and Sanga at Yoga Moves
        Love Hilary

        Hilary - Utrecht
        3 december 2020

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