Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Gerben van Straaten

  • 25 februari 1962 - Nijverdal, gemeente Hellendoorn
  • Rechten en Economie - Rijks Universiteit Groningen
  • Founder and CEO - World of Walas

Gerben van Straaten werd geboren in Nijverdal, gemeente Hellendoorn op 25 februari 1962. Gerben volgde in Groningen aan de Rijks Universiteit een studie Rechten en Economie. Gerben was werkzaam bij World of Walas als Founder and CEO. De laatste woonplaats van Gerben was Wolfheze.

Gerben van Straaten – Founder of the World of Walas.
Author of Earth Charter Cities Manifesto and active member of Earth Charter.
Renowned keynote speaker.
Signatory partner for the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015, Dutch National program.
Owner of Dudoc Vancouver, Centre for Sustainable Urban Design and Development, partnering with the Dutch national government, ministry of Economic affairs and foreign affairs.
Founding partner of Parallel 52, Canadian Dutch Network for Sustainable Building and Planning

About Gerben van Straaten
HG van Straaten studied general law and economics at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (National University of Groningen). He was very influenced by the thinking of renowned economist professor Jan Pen. He also considers the works of Jan Tinbergen, Jeffrey Sachs, and Umberto Eco as teachings and guides in his life. He did not pursue an academic career, but was drawn to the business environment and sustainable urban development. A few years into his career, Gerben van Straaten evolved from project manager to business developer and entrepreneur and worked in Canada and Europe. He was fortunate to meet with Jane Jacobs and considers her work a guiding light in the single minded jungle of (unsustainable) real estate development.
Growing into the field of project development, real estate and sustainable urban development, van Straaten formed partnerships and alliances in Europe and abroad. When the financial and real estate crisis in The Netherlands changed the business landscape considerably, he decided to establish an independent market position in Europe. He founded a new group of companies, World of Walas, to conceptualize new sustainable business for cities, as well as purchase, (re)develop and manage real estate.

His vision
Gerben van Straaten believed that with collective and collaborative efforts around community developments in cities, we can solve many of the Earth’s problems including climate change, CO2 levels, poverty and social injustice. His involvement with the Earth Charter, UN Habitat3 and the New Urban Agenda, Unesco and other organizations provided a platform to push for change. He had ‘radical hope’ for the future, and believed that it all starts with an ethical reset. This is why the Earth Charter is at the core of the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto and Walas program.

We have lost a special man, his strong spirit will always be close

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