Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Gerben van Straaten

      This is also what I know.

      This is what I know:

      Illness, nostalgia, love.
      is for eternity

      Gerben | Walas

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      • Dear Gerben, you left a legacy of hope for the good !
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        Dear Gerben, we meet in an elevator on the way down to the Al Gore’s Climate Reality Conference in Berlin.
        I was stressed because it was a bit late for it to be sure to arrive on time, but you were surprisingly calm. We talked on the way to the Climate Reality conference and got to know each other during the few days in Berlin. You invited me to the Netherlands for business collaboration and presentation of World of Walas. We shared many interesting discussions and did business together with plans for more. We shared values, and you showed every conceivable kindness and stood for so much of the transformative and good, with collaboration in focus, and with both global and local impact as a goal. Creative as few with large projects with attention to the small details. Always thinking in several dimensions and from multiple perspectives. You had a love for your surroundings and for the goal. I'm going to plant bulbs that I bought in the Netherlands when I was visiting you there. I'll plant them now, and they'll bloom for you this summer. The whole garden will bloom. You made an impression that lasts and I will continue to work with common values strengthened by you. Thank you for the time we shared and for everything you gave me and your surroundings. You left a legacy of hope for the good. All the many people you met and influenced and the memories and insights you gave them will last. You lived, touched and made an impact. You left the world a little better than when you came Gerben.

        Kerstin - Sweden
        14 mei 2021

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      • Farewell Gerben.
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        It has been truly a unique experience working for you. Your unwavering thirst for disruptive ideas reverberated with the most diverse of people. Your desire for radical change continues to be energizing. Rest in peace.

        Anna - Vancouver
        10 mei 2021

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      • nice Bear
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        De Herinnering blijft

        Harrie Ronhaar

        Harrie - Zwolle
        9 mei 2021

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      • Bedankt voor de inspiratie
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        Lieve Gerben,
        De Goddelijke Bron is via jou tot uitdrukking gekomen in een explosie van gedrevenheid, creativiteit, muziek, kleur, vorm, oog voor detail, een eagles-eye overzicht en een enorme liefde voor de natuur.
        Het is tijd om uit te rusten
        Tot ziens!

        marjan - Arnhem
        7 mei 2021

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      • The whole Neovaude-Team ...
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        ... is deeply saddened by the news of the sudden death of Gerben van Straaten. We know that he still wanted to make a lot of difference. We met Gerben van Straaten in person for the first time in Studio 2020 (https://vimeo.com/433360591). Afterwards we got to know his vision and his plan. We are impressed by his overarching gaze and understanding. His work motivates us. If possible, we continue to support the implementation of his projects for the people of Dortmund and worldwide. We remember Gerben van Straaten in our sorrow and would like to express our condolences along the way.

        Philip - Dortmund
        7 mei 2021

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      • Dag vriendelijke visionair.
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        Van Heerlen via Vancouver naar Dortmund. Je had een bijzonder inspirerende visie op de leefbare stad. Steden als aanjagers van verduurzaming. We hadden nog zoveel mooie ideeën en plannen. Walas gaat door in jouw geest en wij met Walas. Ik zal je missen. Meiny

        Meiny - De Lier
        7 mei 2021

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      • 2021
        Dearest Big Bear
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        Your mortality hit me by surprise. I never thought of you as a human being with flaws like sickness and death. Your wisdom, love for this planet and kindness for everyone and everything on it was beyond human. You’ve been the only person believing in me for decades, always optimistic, comforting and caring. We joked about when you’ld start taking care of yourself. Always a project to start or finish first.... I mis you so much! . You always have a space in my heart. Until we meet again R.I.P

        Annemariek - Putten
        7 mei 2021

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      • hart onder de riem
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        "Een mooi mens is niet meer"

        Moge zijn inspiratie, creativiteit en levenslust een voorbeeld zijn voor velen!

        Ik wil familie , collega's, vrienden en eenieder die Gerben van nabij of veraf heeft mee mogen maken in zijn of haar leven alle sterkte, liefde en kracht toewensen om dit verlies te dragen.

        André - Breda
        7 mei 2021

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        Je hebt de wereld mooier gemaakt met jouw passie, kennis, enthousiasme, gedrevenheid en liefde voor kunst, cultuur en natuur.
        Heel veel sterkte en kracht voor je beloved ones en dierbaren.

        Hester - Amersfoort
        6 mei 2021

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      • An immense void
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        Your spirit, enthusiasm, and warm memories to fill this immense void.
        Miss you

        Manila - Oosterbeek
        6 mei 2021

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