Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Fiona Rossi-Mel

      It is with great sadness that we announce that Fiona has passed away on the 27th of February 2022.

      The funeral will be held on Saturday. For further information please send an email to forfiona1973@gmail.com.

      Please feel free to share your memory or anecdote.

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        Tobias - Hilversum

        10 maart 2022

      • La pequeña guerrera
        reactie 73   |   niet OK
        Lost for words, didn't think you would lose this battle so fast. Went to the places we used to visit here in Valencia. It is not the same without you here. Miss you

        Eva - Valencia
        8 maart 2022

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      • So many fun moments...
        reactie 72   |   niet OK

        Dear Fiona, I'm shocked to see those news and cannot believe it. We had such fun times in the office but also outside during the many off-sites and conferences (This is a picture from the European Women in Tech event in 2016 - shortly after I moved to Amsterdam). I am very sad to have not seen you in the last years. You are in my thoughts.

        Weiwei - Naarden
        7 maart 2022

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      • Gracias, Fiona
        reactie 71   |   niet OK
        Por tu sonrisa. Por tus conversaciones, llenas de energía. Por tu alegría contagiosa, por tus puntos de vista positivos, originales y vibrantes. Compartimos poco tiempo, te has ido demasiado pronto. Te echaré de menos, seguro.

        Bea - Madrid
        7 maart 2022

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      • reactie 70

        Er is een reactie aan de nabestaanden achtergelaten door:

        Lisa - Templestowe

        6 maart 2022

      • With love
        reactie 69   |   niet OK

        My brave, beautiful warrior friend.
        I am so devastated at what you have been through, so privileged to have been your colleague and your friend.
        Always authentic, always true to yourself, always smart, funny and generous.
        So hard to say goodbye but always and forever in my heart.
        With love,

        Sharon - London
        6 maart 2022

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      • Fijoncka Pikapoloncka (Fiona Ladybugsie)
        reactie 68   |   niet OK

        Fiona, my dearest friend, through thick and thin, godmother to my son, fairy godmother to my daughter. You were amazing and heaven is lucky to have you. A legend in so many ways and so wonderful to be around -- when we shared house I would get out of bed when you came home from a late restaurant shift just to hang out with you. And I don't know how you made it all the way from Sydney to Canberra in the pelting rain on your big heavy motorbike for Oscar's Christening, but you did. We all love you so much and we all miss you so much. Until we meet again.

        Veronika - Canberra
        5 maart 2022

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      • Gracias Fiona
        reactie 67   |   niet OK
        Creo que no hay palabras suficientes para expresar la sensación de vacío que dejas. Tu energía, tus buenas vibras y tu manera de ser sincera y directa la voy a extrañar un montón. Gracias por todos los buenos momentos que pasamos juntos y ojalá estés ya en un lugar mejor. Te voy a extrañar Fiona.

        Miguel - Madrid
        5 maart 2022

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      • Changing people's life, one smile at a time
        reactie 66   |   niet OK
        I haven't spent much time with you Fiona, but the time we spent together was memorable. You were strong, and went through life spreading joy and laughter around you. You changed people's life. You will be missed by the people you touched, but your footprint on the world will remain. Rest in pease.

        Greg - Madrid
        4 maart 2022

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      • We'll miss you Fiona
        reactie 65   |   niet OK
        We'll miss you around, Fiona! I'll remember the good times, like the board games at the office and the spy in the homesite fun team activity.

        Jorge - Madrid
        4 maart 2022

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