Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Fidel Agcaoili

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      • Tribute to comrade Fidel
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        The NCPN had a long history together with comrade Fidel. Although the last few years we did not meet too much. Personally I liked Fidel very much as a warm and comradely human being. I will miss him.
        Wil van der Klift
        International secretary
        New Communist Party of the Netherlands

        wil - Den Haag
        1 augustus 2020

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      • Comrade Fidel, I humbly salute you
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        Your warm smile, your quiet and easy way of talking, your iron determination and your steadfast determination to win the struggle by serving the people - all of these qualities and so many more have inspired me through the years I have been privileged to know and work with you. You always seemed to be the living embodiment of revolutionary humility, decency and integrity. Rest in power comrade Fidel!

        Richard - Amsterdam
        31 juli 2020

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      • Hindi kita malilimutan, Tats!
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        Maraming, maraming salamat, Tita Chit at pamilya for sharing Tats with the whole world. Know that you have a larger family and community who also feel the weight of the world.

        Tats was not just a comrade - he was a mentor, friend, confidante and a father always ready to welcome us with a warm smile and a big welcoming hug. Mahal na mahal ko po si Tats.

        He may be gone, but he will certainly not be forgotten.

        Tetet Lauron, Pilipinas

        Tetet - Paranaque City, Philippines
        31 juli 2020

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      • reactie 4

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        Malou - Australia

        31 juli 2020

      • Hindi ka namin malilimutan, NInong Tats
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        Mula sa aming pamilya, nakikiramay kami kay NInang Chit at sa mga naiwang anak at apo. Mahigpit na yakap sa inyo. Mami-miss namin si Ninong Tats. Hindi namin siya malilimutan. Titiyakin naming buhay lagi ang kanyang alaala. Ikukwento namin siya lagi sa aming mga anak para kahit sila nawaý maipagpatuloy ang sinimulan niya.
        Muli, ang aming pakikiramay - Carnay Family, Hong Kong

        Norman - Hong Kong
        31 juli 2020

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      • The memories of comrade Fidel will live in our struggle!
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        Dear comrades,
        The unexpected big loss of our comrade Fidel Agcaoili, who had dedicated the largest part of his life to the anti-imperialist, revolutionary struggle, has profoundly saddened us. We want to extend our sincere condolences to his family, friends and comrades. We share your sorrow.
        Ka Fidel was a revolutionary who has always been supportive, humble and helpful to his comrades. He was a genuine anti-imperialist, internationalist who was truly concerned about the struggles against reactionary orders worldwide. This was also appearing in his attentiveness and solidarity for the fight against fascism in Kurdistan and Turkey. As comrade Fidel said: “You really have to be good in your ideology. That means, not only reading but practising it, understanding it. So you are not talking above like you’re in the clouds. But right here, in concrete reality.” He practised these words by not only studying and reading all the struggles over the world but also by taking part in the actions on the streets.
        Our revolutionary comrade Fidel left traces which will enlighten the path of the struggle for a just and free world. As he said: “I believe that the path I have chosen is the correct one for me. And if given another chance I would still choose the same path.” He was leading an example of determination in the revolutionary struggle.
        We will never forget the openhearted, warm and comradely approach of Ka Fidel during our last meeting with CPP. We will keep his spirit alive in the international struggle.
        On behalf of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist and the whole party, we express our comradely respect and tribute to Ka Fidel Agcaoili. We also want to extend our solidarity with the proletariat and the oppressed people of the Philippines. The memory of our fallen comrades will live forever in our common struggle against imperialism and all other reactionaries.
        The memories of Ka Fidel will live in our struggle!
        Comrade Fidel is immortal!
        Long live international solidarity!

        Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)
        International Bureau

        Barbara - Turkey and Turkey Kurdistan
        30 juli 2020

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      • My heartfelt condolences
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        It is such a pity that this very good and nice man had to pass away much too early. I am wishing lots of strength to his family, his friends and the movement in which he was so strongly involved.
        Warm greetings, Marrie Kardol

        Marrie - Voorschoten
        30 juli 2020

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