Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Donna Rae Gordon


      Donna touched us all with her warm heart, bright smile and beautiful personality.

      What will we remember most about Donna?  Her humor , her kindness and sincerity and her general belief that everyone is good and means well. 

      She had a great love for music, playing drums and coloring. She had about a 100 coloring books.

      She really enjoyed food, but was not really partial to vegetables although she did take a liking to asperges recently.

      She also liked doing crochet, she started on scarves for a colleague’s daughters in 2017 but never finished them as Donna always wanted everything to be perfect and thought that what she created was never good enough.

      Her drive was something everyone admired. She moved from California to The Netherlands on her own and mastered the Dutch language in no time without following one course

      Donna’s death was sudden, but her life was not faint. Her memory will always be with us.

      We will all miss our friend dearly and are grateful for having known her.

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      • Oh sweet dear Donna!
        reactie 96   |   niet OK
        My sincere condolences to Donna's family and all other loved ones. I wish you all the strength to cope with this sudden loss of sweetheart Donna. It is so unexpected, I am so sad, the last time we met is already longer ago than I want, I have often been thinking about you Donna, and I will every time I pass the places where we had a pizza and some nice drinks. Oh why didn't we meet up again? I was also working at MW Kellogg in the 19 eighties as a procurement rookie under Rob Vermeer and oh dear we had so many laughs, we became friends, yes there are so much great things to say about Donna, so open, so sweet, so funny, so beautiful in so many ways, and she's a great music lover, also fan of David Bowie and many other great musicians, she became a good drummer herself, I was flabbergasted when I saw her movies playing the drums! The memories are so good and so many, she makes me smile again, and that's Donna, her soul power never stops, she is in my heart forever. Oh dear Donna!

        Wessel Meijer
        Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

        Wessel - Amsterdam
        1 juni 2021

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      • Shocked
        reactie 95   |   niet OK
        I worked with Donna at MW Kellogg in the 19 eighties . She was my personal secretary for over 3 years. She was an excellent colleque and also became my friend . Noticed she wwas not coming on facebook any more. Shocked to see this message whilst searching for her. Rest in peace Donna

        Rob B. Vermeer

        Rob - Zoetermeer
        31 mei 2021

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      • reactie 94

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        Judith - Wijk bij Duurstede

        30 december 2020

      • reactie 93

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        Nadege - Almere

        24 mei 2020

      • The One and Only
        reactie 92   |   niet OK
        Unique. A quick smile and a joke, a passing "Hey, how are ya?" in the restaurant, a quick eye roll (when necessary) in the lift…I will miss you Donna Gordon. I wish your family strength in this difficult time and I wish you the swiftest and best journey to the next thing.

        Jan - IJmuiden, The Netherlands
        18 mei 2020

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      • Bye dear friend
        reactie 91   |   niet OK
        Condoleances to Donna's family and friends. I'll miss my friend. We knew eachother for such a long time. We have so much funny memories together. I'm sure you're playing now with the big musicians in heaven . Thank you Donna for being in my life and being my friend. Love you. One day we;ll meet again.

        Saskia - Almere
        1 mei 2020

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      • reactie 90

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        Pauline - Velserbroek

        1 mei 2020

      • reactie 89

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        Nathalie - Lieren

        29 april 2020

      • reactie 88

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        Frances - Amstelveen

        24 april 2020

      • You will be missed.....
        reactie 87   |   niet OK
        Donna always made me laugh and smile, she had the best and kindest energy. We just had coffee and were talking about all the parties were we went. The pictures of us the last EOY.. I will miss her dearly. So sad to hear of her passing. My thoughts are with the family in this difficult time.

        Anja - Amsterdam
        15 april 2020

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