Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Dewayne Johns

      Those we love do not go away
      They walk beside us every day
      Unseen unheard but always near
      So loved so missed so very dear

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      • The greatest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting
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        Dewayne was my mentor at "Nieuw Veldzicht" when I was a 13 year old boy. Im almost 32 now. Since my 15th year of age, I have tried for ways to contact him. When I finally remembered his name again, I found out he sadly has passed away. To his family: The reason I have tried to find Dewayne on the internet for 18 years, is because, he has changed my life and I wanted to thank him for that! I will forever carry his positive spirit with me till my last breath. Dewayne, I miss you! Much love and strength to your family. Forever gratedul! I love you.

        Jimmy - Private
        22 januari 2023

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        D&E. - Emmeloord

        10 maart 2022

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        Brittany - US

        28 februari 2022

      • Basketbal memories
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        . My heart goes out to you and the boys. Last March when I found out the diagnosis, I knew this day was coming but it doesn't make it any easier. When I think of Dewayne I think of that smile and that laugh. He was loud and proud. I think about those bowed legs and gerry curls. I think about a guy that loved his hometown of Nashville, family and friends but took a chance to play ball in the NL where he met the love of his life and started a family of bis own. Dewayne had a big heart and genuinely cared. I will always remember him as the first one to congratulate me when I was named Head Basketball Coach at W.VA. Wesleyan College. I was just 26 years old and there was a knock at my door. It was Dewayne. He gave me a big bear hug and said the team was going to win the Championship for me. I told him to win it for himself as he as a senior that year. He walked away laughing and shaking his finger. "We're going to win it, You'll see Coach Cam". Not only did we win the Conference Championship that year, but we also won the Tournament and District Championships as well. We were the #4 Seed to the National Tournament and finished the season 28-4 with a final Ranking of 6th in the Nation. We beat Fairmont State for the Tournament Championship by a score of 92-66 and Dewayne was named MVP of the Tournament. Dewayne was a fierce competitor and was named to the National Tournament All-Tournament Team during his Sophomore year. Dewayne finished his collegiate career with a record of 108-28. His 3-year record at Wesleyan was 88-13. He scored just under 2,000 pts in his collegiate career and that as while sacrificing some of his scoring during his senior year so we could play defense on the opposing team's best players. That is what winners do. I will always remember him as a winner and someone I will miss very much.

        Rich Cameron

        Rich - Hilton Head South Carolina
        26 februari 2022

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      • Best Friend
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        To my Best friend Dewayne my teammate and most of all my brother. I will miss our deep conversation about life I will miss that light up the room smile that you have. Memories of you will always be with me. You will be miss dearly Thsnks for being my best friend and most of all my brother.

        Riley Walton

        Riley - Clarksville USA
        26 februari 2022

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      • Bye for now
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        Wayne you know we go a long way back. I met you when you was about 15 years old and I felt like you was one of my brothers. I remember when you first went to Europe you always wanted me to sent you kool-aid and Twinkies. LOL. You know you will always be with us because we have your namesake Karter Dewayne , with us. Rest easy my friend and brother in law. Your sister in law Annie and brother Stanley. Love you

        Annie - 547 Blazer st smyrna,Tn USA
        26 februari 2022

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        Beppie - Nunspeet

        25 februari 2022

      • Johns Family Reunion 2019, Nashville, TN, USA
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        Cousin Wayne & Toya

        Latoya - Antioch
        25 februari 2022

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      • So long cousin Wayne
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        I remember his smile and hug. I was very young when I first met my big cousin. The last time we hungout was three years ago. He had the warmest smile. I wish I knew what others had the chance to know. Bianca Johns you did an exemplary job with cousin Dewayne's homegoing. The tears were plenty, but the smiles were enormous. You showed what it meant "to stand by your man". What an incredible wife you have been, what an incredible mother you are, and what memories you have that will carry you through this difficult time. I only wish to have been able to meet you long before now whether in person or social media. One day I will get to meet you and my cousins in person. I have cousins in The Netherlands!!!! Bravo Mrs. Johns, Bravo!

        Latoya, daughter of Cookie Fentress and great-niece of the late Lizzy Johns!

        P.S.-this service is how you should honor your loved one! Bianca, the boys, her family made, and the funeral directors made sure the family in the USA could be apart of this service and for that I'm grateful.

        Latoya - Antioch
        25 februari 2022

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      • Love You Always And Forever
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        It's never easy finding the right words to convey your emotions, I can only reflect on the good times that we shared. Uncle Wayne, I remember when you would come back home here in the U.S. Excitement would fill the Atmosphere, and everyone was ready to gather, and celebrate with a good old fashion cookout, with lot's of laughter and love. Uncle Wayne, I just want to say I LOVE YOU!! You may be gone from our sight but never from our hearts!!!! REST WELL UNCLE WAYNE!!!
        Love you Always & Forever
        Your Niece,
        Tammie Johns

        Tammie - Hendersonville TN
        24 februari 2022

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