Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Bryan Rippon

      Op woensdag 21 februari 2018 is plotseling onze collega Bryan Rippon overleden.

      Bryan heeft bijna 15 jaar als vertaler bij Overtaal gewerkt. Hij stond niet alleen bekend als uiterst vakkundig en betrouwbaar, maar ook als zeer behulpzaam en vriendelijk. Hij heeft een belangrijke bijdrage geleverd aan de ontwikkeling en loopbaan van verscheidene jonge collega’s.

      De laatste jaren hoopten de problemen voor Bryan zich helaas op. Dit leidde ertoe dat hij enige weken geleden in het ziekenhuis werd opgenomen, waar hij aan de gevolgen van een longontsteking is overleden.

      Bloemen kunnen worden gestuurd naar Uitvaartverzorging Van Tellingen, Leeuweriklaan 2, 3704 GR Zeist.

      Op donderdag 1 maart, tussen 11 en 12 uur, is er hier gelegenheid om afscheid te nemen.

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      • A Talented Translator
        reactie 17   |   niet OK
        Today, while surfing the Internet trying to find something about the whereabouts of Bryan, my former colleague, I was shocked and saddened to learn that he had died four years ago. Bryan, who I believe joined Overtaal in the same year as me (2003), took over as Lead Translator in the B2B section from Jeroen Oomen, who left to set up his own translation company in Utrecht. Each morning, Bryan would come into the office, greet his fellow translators, sit at his desk opposite mine, place a can of Red Bull and a pack of sandwiches on his desk, clean his spectacles, start up his computer and cast his eye over the day’s translation jobs which the project coordinator had lined up for him on his desk.
        As I recall, Bryan came from Melton Mowbray and had once worked as a teacher in Germany prior to moving to Holland. He was the go-to translator for all kinds of knotty translation issues. He was also a talented translator and could translate from French, German and Dutch into English. On occasions, he was seconded by Overtaal to work as an interpreter for SNCF where he was able to exercise his knowledge of French. He often got handed the toughest and most nebulous of texts to translate, which he did superbly well. I usually had the job of peer reviewing them. He peer reviewed my work and that of other translators, and liked to coach the younger or less experienced ones. Bryan had weight issues, though I never brought up the subject with him. I last talked to him in late March 2005, during an exit interview that he arranged in one of the meeting rooms. Anxious to know why I had suddenly handed in my notice, I explained that I had been offered a much-better-paid job in Rotterdam. Excessive work pressure and underappreciation by the management were subsidiary reasons. Astonishing that he managed to stick it out there for a further 13 years. Chapeau! I am glad I had the opportunity to work together with him. What his interests were outside of work, I have no idea. In that respect, he was an enigma. RIP.
        Peter K. Smith – Almere, NL
        22 Sep 2022

        Peter - Almere
        22 september 2022

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      • Happy birthday
        reactie 16   |   niet OK
        You were supposed to blow out 50 candles today. Instead I lit 50 more for you here.
        All my best,

        Lindsay - Utrecht
        20 april 2018

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      • Gedicht
        reactie 15   |   niet OK
        Voor Bryan Rippon

        20-04-1968 - 21-02-2018

        Ik droomde, op een nacht, dat ik Arabisch sprak.

        Ik wist wel wat mijn boodschap was maar twijfelde

        of ik ook werd begrepen. ’s Ochtends was mijn woordenschat

        gesmolten, nee, geslonken, nee, verdwenen.

        Zo moet het zijn geweest voor jou

        toen de woorden je ontglipten:

        ze klonken zingend als kristal

        vanuit een porseleinkast die niet open wou.

        Hier sta ik dan te spreken, collega

        van het binnenskamers leven,

        in de taal die langzaam vervaagde

        als een voorganger in zwijgzaamheid.

        Uiteindelijk gaan wij allemaal,

        een kwestie slechts van tijd,

        een vader achterna.

        Had jij de jouwe horen roepen?

        Ik hoop dat je daar met hem praat

        en vaker nog dan hier echt wordt verstaan.

        Vicky Francken

        Namens het Utrechts Stadsdichtersgilde,
        in opdracht van de Gemeente Utrecht.

        Vicky - Utrecht
        5 maart 2018

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      • Goodbye
        reactie 14   |   niet OK
        It is with great sorrow that I heard the news about Bryan's passing. I will remember him as a truly professional colleague - one of the best translators I've ever encountered - who never expressed his annoyance about the jobs we gave him as project managers.
        It was an absolute joy to work with Bryan during the years that we worked together at Overtaal. Not only from a professional point of view, but also from person to person. His honesty, kindness and unpretentiousness will be greatly missed.
        My deepest sympathy and condolences to Bryan's relatives. May you find the strength to help you through this difficult time.

        Goodbye, Bryan.

        Remco - Noordbeemster
        1 maart 2018

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      • Parting words
        reactie 13   |   niet OK
        I’ve worked with Bryan for almost ten years. During that time, I’ve come to know him as a kind and thoughtful person, a pillar of Overtaal.
        Although we share a birthday, we never got to celebrate our birthdays together at the office, for he always made his way back home to England around that time, coming back refreshed, with new energy and often a new haircut ;-)
        In a few weeks’ time, when I’ll be celebrating my 40th birthday, I will raise my glass and remember you, on what should have been your 50th birthday.

        So long, Bryan.

        Koen - Leiden
        1 maart 2018

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
        reactie 12   |   niet OK
        Bryan was a true professional whom we encountered from time to time at our workshops in Utrecht. The breadth and depth of his knowledge was truly amazing. The news of his death has come as a great shock. We will remember him with great fondness.

        Tony Parr and - Den Bosch
        28 februari 2018

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      • Farewell
        reactie 11   |   niet OK
        It is with sadness that I think of the last time I met Bryan. I went to visit him in the hospital with Peter and he was in a lot of pain. Nevertheless he did his best to talk to us and explain his situation, how he went to the hospital by himself and what had happened to him. He kept his worthiness. I can’t express how sad I was when he asked us ‘will the pain go away’. I am glad we assured him that it would.
        It is with happiness that I think back of Bryan as a colleague, our cooperation and the talks we had. He was a very professional translator and colleague, very knowledgeable and helpful. But above all Bryan was a kind person, modest and very friendly.
        During the last year of his life Bryan remained hopeful and did not give up, even though his circumstances were difficult and he did acknowledge this. This is truly admirable.
        My sincere condolences to Bryan’s relatives.

        Margitte - Amsterdam
        28 februari 2018

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      • Dear Bryan,
        reactie 10   |   niet OK
        I will remember Bryan as one of the kindest people I've ever met.

        Jorinde - Amsterdam
        28 februari 2018

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      • Sad to hear he's no longer with us
        reactie 9   |   niet OK
        I worked with Bryan for about a year some time ago. He was one of the first people I spoke to in the office and he made quite an impression. He struck me as wholly idiosyncratic, but also friendly, smart, and funny, with a no-nonsense attitude. He also helped me out on more than one occasion when I had made a mess of things, with hardly any grumbling. I was quite fond of Bryan and I'm sad to hear he's passed away. My condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

        Wouter - Utrecht
        28 februari 2018

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      • Thank you for being more than a colleague, thank you for being you...
        reactie 8   |   niet OK
        Dear Bryan, it was a tremendous privilege to know you, not only as a colleague and a professional pur sang but most and for all as one of the best people I've ever met. I will always remember you as a very friendly person with a great personality and a warm heart. Thank you for being you. Rest in peace, Bryan.
        Wouter Munnik

        Wouter - Spijkenisse
        27 februari 2018

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