Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Anna Polulyakhova

      ''I will love you.
      If you want to be free, you can go, you can be whatever you need.
      I will still love you.
      If you want to be with someone else, if you feel like that's what you need.
      I will step aside.
      But i will still love you, and not even any less.
      If you don't want to talk, if you need your space. I'll leave you to it.
      But i will still love you.
      I will love you, even when you don't have any love to give, I will love you even harder.
      You don't have to give me any reason to trust, I will still trust with all my heart in what I feel for you.
      No matter how far we seem to wander, my love can never actually leave.
      Maybe before we can find true love, we first need to learn to what love is
      How unconditional love is.
      Maybe to find love, we first have to become love.''